Hotels in the UK - Britain (England, Scotland Wales) plus Ireland Accommodation

Good UK and Ireland Hotels

A map based way of finding good hotels in Britain and Ireland.

Click on the map here to get to a region.

All the properties are then shown on a detailed regional map. Clicking each one will give you a summary of what it has to offer, plus a link to enable you to book that hotel.

Only accommodation rated as high quality by the AA has been included.

Choose your hotel from a list over over 1000 on a regional basis

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Good UK Hotels covers Britain (England, Scotland Wales) plus Ireland Accommodation

This is a new approach that we have developed in order to make the web search for accommodation both easier and more meaningful for the browser. After spending time uselessly ploughing through lists of places on the web, each list giving series of names, addresses and phone numbers, and reaching the conclusion that they gave the user little information that was meaningful to them, we have developed a new approach.

The front page map gives direct access to a dozen regional maps of Britain. Then all information is available off that regional map. That map has dots on it for each listed hotel in its correct location, and the map fills two thirds of the screen and the other third is blank.

Click on any one dot and a brief abstract of what that property has to offer, its photograph.

Choosing the places to put on the maps then becomes the next question. In order to instill confidence in the user, nothing has been chosen that has less than 70% on the AA quality grading system. This level of quality is what the AA deem to be "high quality".

This benchmark has then been used as the minimum standard for entry into this guide. To the best of our knowledge we have not included anything at under "high quality" level.

Not all above this have been included. Sometimes places have been excluded because they only just got the 70% and there were a number of other choices in the neighbourhood, sometimes there were too many to put onto one part of the map to present the information clearly for the user.

There was also a question as to whether to have a separate county map for every county in the country. We examined this option and decided it was clearer to group some of the counties into regions, in order to present information in a form that would be more meaningful for the browser. For example The Cotswolds or East Anglia have been presented as a region, on the grounds that a visitor would be looking for accommodation in, say, The Cotswolds, rather than in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire or Wiltshire.

In the end we have been pleased with the results and hope that the user finds this a rewarding way to gain tourist information.

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lodging in the UK covers Britain hotels (England, Scotland Wales) plus good Ireland accommodation.


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